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The Top Divorce Lawyer or Best Divorce Lawyer in Columbus Ohio, for your family law case, can be found if you consider the following tips:

If you have friends or co-workers who have been through a dissolution, divorce or custody case, then listen to what they have to say about their lawyer AND what they have to say about the lawyer from the other side. Don’t trust the “order of appearance” in lists when you search for attorneys in the […]

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Half of first marriages end in divorce

New figures indicate that half of first marriages end in divorce. It has been said before that half of that half end in the first five years of marriage. That would be twenty-five percent of all first marriages ending in the first five years. When we go on to second marriages, the failure rate becomes […]

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Child Support Deviation Factors In Ohio

The law of Ohio and the statutes regarding child support provide in O.R.C. 3119.23 a set of factors for consideration by a court if is is granting a deviation from the amount which is presumed to be the correct amount for child support payments. Most people think of “deviation” of support in terms of the […]

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