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Military Divorces In Ohio

By Akron, Ohio area attorney, Jeffrey V. Hawkins, of the law firm Slater & Zurz LLP. Like everyone else, members of the United States Armed Forces are often faced with divorce, dissolution and other family law matters. However, a military divorce poses issues that are not encountered with civilian divorces. These are just a few […]

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Bitcoin– More News, I.R.S States Bitcoin Is Property

When we recently wrote a blog, regarding Bitcoin, we pointed out the questions which were being posited as to whether Bitcoin is/was a “currency” or “property.”  For United States tax payers at least, the I.R.S. has ruled that  Bitcoin is to be treated, by the I.R.S., as “property.” This ruling came out March 25, 2014. […]

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Military Veteran Domestic Problems

On 03.16.14 the program “Sunday Morning” ran a segment on the “Other Casualties of War” or the children and spouses of returning veterans. The program covered the problems created by P.T.S.D sufferers attempting to “re-connect” with their spouses and children and pointed out that not only the veterans may need assistantance but also up to […]

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Bitcoin And Ohio Divorces

Bitcoin?  You may have seen in the news that Mt. Gox, one of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges, stopped doing business recently. Just what is “Bitcoin”? Bitcoin is what is sometimes called a “virtual currency.”  It technically can only be found on line.  Therefore it is sometimes referred to as “digital currency.” No government or political entity […]

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