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Pros and Cons of Signing A Pre-nup

The Pros and Cons of Signing A Pre-nupWritten By William L. GearyThere have been many articles on the internet lately, which tout all the benefits of entering into a prenuptial or premarital agreement before you marry the supposed person of your dreams. Both people considering marriage should seriously take into consideration the real truth and […]

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We Can’t Afford Divorce With a Newborn

Divorce With a NewbornWritten By William L. GearyThere probably isn’t a person on the planet that would ever say there is a perfect time for divorce. Divorce is the death of a dream; the closing of a chapter of life, and for most is an emotionally, physically and financially trying time. If you have children […]

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Custody Battles Between Godparents & Grandparents

Custody Between Godparents And GrandparentsWritten By William L. GearyPeople often think of custody battles as occurring only between parents who are divorcing, or maybe even between biological and adoptive parents. Usually people don’t think about Grandparents or Godparents being involved, but both of these situations are possible. In cases where parents have voluntarily relinquished custody, […]

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