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My alimony and child support are causing me to lose my house. What can I do?

Typically people think of alimony or spousal support as being for “gold digger” women or men who just want their former spouse’s continued support. Although the idea that women are unable to support themselves without a husband is an idea that is severely outdated, the concept of spousal support still exists in the modern legal […]

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My ex sabotaged my career during the divorce. What can I do?

There are probably very few instances where divorce isn’t messy. Without even considering the emotional and economic pain of dissolution of marriage, the divorce process is a hassle. One has to take into consideration the division of assets, division of debts, division of retirement funds, children and even pets. If you own multiple properties together […]

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Who claims the children on the taxes after a divorce?

A recent Investment News article reports that divorce filings spike at the beginning of a new year. Many people consider making changes for the better in their lives, and/or the lives of their children. This includes those people who have been struggling in unhealthy or unfulfilling relationships and are ready to move forward with the […]

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