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I Believe That My Wife Has Hidden Assets, How Can An Attorney Help Find Out During The Divorce Process?

Assets must be disclosed in the divorce process in Ohio.  However, some spouses attempt to hide certain assets in a misguided attempt to avoid sharing them with a soon-to-be ex-spouse.  An Ohio divorce attorney, however, will work to thwart such efforts and attempt to ensure that you exit your marriage with your rightful share of […]

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How Will Tax Planning Affect Our Marital Property?

How Will Tax Planning Affect Our Marital Property?Most people understand that asset division is a tremendously important part of the Ohio divorce process, but often the important tax implications of asset division are underappreciated. Without proper planning, the end of your marriage can create serious undesirable tax consequences. Unexpected taxes are a headache that you […]

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Could My Spouse Be Entitled to My Professional Practice?

Could My Spouse Be Entitled to My Professional Practice?In many ways a professional practice is similar to a small business, but professional private practices also have some unique characteristics that can make the divorce process especially complicated. Professionals often worry that a divorce may cause the liquidation of their practice. This negative outcome can be […]

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Bitcoin– More News, I.R.S States Bitcoin Is Property

When we recently wrote a blog, regarding Bitcoin, we pointed out the questions which were being posited as to whether Bitcoin is/was a “currency” or “property.”  For United States tax payers at least, the I.R.S. has ruled that  Bitcoin is to be treated, by the I.R.S., as “property.” This ruling came out March 25, 2014. […]

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