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Commingled Assets

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Premarital, inherited or gifted assets often become mixed or commingled with marital assets. During a marriage, separate funds are often used for the purchase of partially marital assets.

For instance, one spouse may take the proceeds from the sale of his or her premarital home and use them for the down payment on the new “marital” home. Afterwards one or both spouses may contribute to the monthly mortgage payments on the new home. During a divorce, a question may arise as to whether the spouse who put his or her premarital money into the new home can recover that money from the sale of the property (or must count that value in the calculation of marital assets) before splitting the remaining equity in the new home with his or her spouse.

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The experienced advice and representation you will find at our firm can be especially useful if you are contemplating a second marriage. We offer the knowledgeable guidance you may need in order to avoid possible future challenges presented by commingled assets in a marriage through a carefully crafted prenuptial agreement.

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