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Columbus Lawyer Assisting With Child Custody Relocation Concerns

Whether due to a divorce or an unmarried parental situation, it is no longer uncommon for a child to split time between his or her parents. In fact, it is generally in a child’s best interests to spend time with both parents. However, when a parental move away becomes a reality, the fragile parenting balance can be easily upset.

At the Law Offices of William L. Geary, in Columbus, Ohio, we represent both mothers and fathers in parental move away matters. Whether you are seeking to relocate with your child or attempting to stop relocation, we will put our years of family law experience to work for you.

A parental move away is an emotionally charged situation. Legal decisions need to be quickly and carefully considered and not made in the heat of the moment. Our firm will help you make reasoned choices that protect both the wellbeing of your child and your parental rights. Contact us to discuss your options regarding relocation and child custody.

Post-Decree Modification Due to Relocation

As a parent bound by a parenting or custodial agreement, it is of the utmost importance to notify the courts if you plan to move to another address, town, state or country, regardless of whether or not you intend to bring your child with you. You and your former spouse or partner have a legal agreement you are expected to follow. Relocating can affect your ability to remain in compliance. Due to your change in circumstances, you may need to petition the courts for a post-decree modification.

Reaching a New Child Custody Parenting and Visitation Agreement

Reasons for a parental move away vary. Moving may be a conscious decision or a forced relocation for work. One parent may simply decide that life will be better for the children in a new location. No matter the case, it is important, if possible, for both parents to reach an agreement that carefully considers the impact their decision will have on the child. Such an agreement should be filed with the court. The courts will not approve a move away that is contrary to the best interests of the child.

In an ideal situation, parents will be able to create an amended parenting plan through negotiation or mediation. But, when reaching an amicable decision is impossible, our attorneys will provide aggressive courtroom representation.

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