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Multi-State & International Jurisdictions

Multi-State and International Jurisdictions: Ohio Lawyers

Whether you are dealing with interstate custody or international divorce, we can lend our expertise to help you achieve your goals. At the Columbus, Ohio, Law Office of William L. Geary, we represent people throughout the United States and internationally who have family law conflicts in Ohio. We also represent residents of Ohio who need assistance with family law issues related to other states or countries.

When people have re-located or parents are living in different locales, their family law issues become increasingly complex. For example, in situations involving interstate custody, it can be difficult to determine the proper court for a family law matter. Further, serving process on a far-away parent can bring additional complexities. As a small firm, we can take the time to get to know your family law concerns. We work with you personally to involve you in the decision-making process at every step of the way.

International Family Law: Knowledge and Tools for Success

When matters become international, legal treaties like the Hague Convention can be used like tools to assist parents with their international divorce and family law concerns. Knowledge of international law is crucial to success. At the Law Offices of William L. Geary, we have significant experience in international family law. We use the latest legal research tools to understand how the law applies in different countries. We work with a network of experts to achieve our clients’ goals, including finding solutions regarding child custody and support obligations.

International custody and support conflicts can, unfortunately, be very complicated. Contact the Ohio Law Offices of William L. Geary today at 614-228-1968, to discuss solutions for your international and interstate family law concerns.