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Post-Decree Modifications

Ohio Divorce Decree Modification Attorney

Life changes after a divorce. Even after a court ruling or settlement, you may need to modify a divorce decree to adjust child support or custody arrangements. You may also need help returning to court and asking for help enforcing a ruling made by the judge, such as orders to pay debts, pay support, or to provide you with access to your children.

At the Columbus Law Offices of William L. Geary, we can work with you to help the court make these adjustments. For more than 30 years, clients have been coming to us with a variety of concerns, including:

  • Unhappiness with a previous attorney’s work
  • Need to stop the other parent’s non-compliance with a court order
  • Termination or modification of spousal and child support
  • Request for re-allocation of parental rights

Just because an action for divorce, dissolution, or legal separation has ended does not mean that you will never have problems or disagreements in the future. Our firm understands Ohio family law. We are familiar with the court system and know how to take action to find solutions quickly when circumstances change.

Columbus Lawyer Handling Child Custody, Support Increase and Other Post-Decree Modifications

Your changing needs may require the following kinds of post-decree modifications, including:

  • Child support : Your child’s needs may change. Parents sometimes experience employment changes or illness. Sometimes opportunities — like private school education — arise. Our firm is experienced and familiar with Ohio law; we can help you make these modifications.
  • Spousal support : We have years of experience helping clients increase or decrease spousal support. Clients often approach us because they are not making as much money as they were previously. Sometimes they have been injured, downsized or transferred out of their company. The Law Offices of William L. Geary can help you make changes according to your needs.
  • Child custody : When one parent moves or a child’s needs change, child custody modifications are often required. We can answer your questions about how Ohio family law views these changes. We examine the reasons behind the change and issues regarding suitability of the other parent. Sometimes these circumstances necessitate the appointment of a guardian ad litem in the post-decree modification process.

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