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When Should You Consider Mediation during a Columbus Dissolution or Divorce?

When Should You Consider Mediation during a Columbus Dissolution or Divorce?

One of the first things a person going through a dissolution or divorce in the Columbus area learns is that one way or another all of their assets and debts must be divided, and arrangements for children must be finalized. I am a mediator and offer to couples during a Columbus dissolution or divorce to help the them  to resolve areas of disagreement in a productive, cost-effective and timely manner.

If you are choosing to proceed with a dissolution, every issue addressed by the “Separation Agreement” must be resolved between the two parties.  There can be no area of disagreement.  The division of assets, liabilities and parenting time/custody issues must be finalized prior to the completion of a divorce as well. What happens when the parties have an area of genuine principled disagreement?

Quite simply, it must be resolved one way or another before the marriage can be ended. In the worst case scenario, this is accomplished through time consuming and expensive litigation before the Court.  In addition to the time and cost demanded by litigation, the parties lose all control over the outcome of the dispute.  The answer will be determined by a total stranger – the Judge or Magistrate.

Why should you consider mediation during a Columbus dissolution or divorce? Mediation is an efficient and cost-effective strategy for resolving areas of dispute.  In a mediation, the parties agree to the selection of a “neutral” third party or “mediator.”  Mediation is a constructive venue designed to help the parties to get to the core of the issue, understand each other’s position and resolve the dispute.  An effective mediator helps the parties to develop new skills, and to understand the process of constructively working through areas of disagreement.

Mediation may not resolve every issue. However, every issue that is resolved in mediation saves the parties in terms of time, money and emotional stress.  If you are interested in considering a mediation I invite you to contact my office at 614-228-1968.  I have more than 20 years of experience in dissolution, divorce and family law and over 37 years of experience in litigation.  As a seasoned mediator, I am able to help the parties to find common ground, make progress in resolving areas of disagreement, and in most cases developing a solution they can live with.  If you are considering mediation during a Columbus dissolution or divorce call 614-228-1968 and work with an experienced family law attorney.